Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lazy Cake

I found out I'm very lazy for the past months so I almost stop blogging in this blog anymore. In the meanwhile, I am setting up a new blog in Wordpress and I do a lot of small blogging on Twitter.

Twitter? RSS Feed? Blog? Oh my....

I use Google Reader to update myself every day because it's impossible to visit hundreds of web sites to gather information. Although it's impossible to finish reading thousands of articles in Google Reader, I still manage to clean up a couple hundred articles a day.

I have heard about Twitter for awhile but it was very unstable about half year ago. The site is always down and nothing get published (well, it's not designed as a message system in the first place).

Now, I have one of the Twitter clients running on all my computers/notebooks/iPhones and I found out I am following a lot of web sites also in my Google Reader. In other words, I need to skim through the same material twice right now.

I have to make a decision. I should get the information from Twitter or Google Reader. Help!!!

Vortex Creations

It's so amazing the name "Vortex Creations" still around the net after all these years if search in Google.  I tried Yahoo and it doesn't return that much of results back.