Tuesday, July 15, 2008

iPhone 3G Sightings (iPhone Availability)

July 11, 2008 (Launch Day):
AT&T Store near Puente Hills Malls @ 1:30pm - All Sold Out (Even the display unit is gone)
Apple Store in Brea Mall @ 2:00pm - Almost 200 people are in line.

July 12, 2008:
Apple Store in Pasadena @ 2:00pm - Almost 70+ people are in line.

July 13, 2008:
Apple Store in 3rd Street Santa Monica @ 3:00pm - About 40 people are in line.

July 14, 2008:
Apple Store in 3rd Street Santa Monica @ 12:30pm - About 40 people are in line. Talked with an orange t-shirt Indian lady in the store and she told us the wait for iPhone 3G will be probably 2-3 hours and the phone activation time will be 4-6 hours.

July 15, 2008:
Apple Store in Brea Mall @ 11:00am - Still insanely lots of people in line for the iPhone 3G. Don't people have anything to do other than spending hours inline for a freaking phone?

I just check the Apple iPhone 3G Availability page and found out most of the Apple stores are running out of the iPhone.

July 16, 2008:
My co-worker went to the Apple store on the 3rd Street in Santa Monica around 1:00pm. There were about 30 people ahead of him and about 20 people behind him after he arrived there for 15 minutes. He waited for about 2 hours for the phone and the other 5 minutes to activate the phone. He also told me the store has a new shipment in the morning and most of the 16GB Black are selling out (how dare he is!!! He should grab me to go with him!!!).

July 17, 2008:
My friend went to the Costa Mesa store today and the line was about 45 minutes.

July 18, 2008:
I called the Brea and Costa Mesa store today and both of the stores are out of stock of any iPhone 3G. It seems there will be no iPhone 3G through the coming weekend.

July 23, 2008:
The iPhone 3G was out of stock in most of the stores in the Southern California for the past few days. The Apple iPhone 3G availability page showed the Santa Monica, Century City, and Beverley Hills stores have all 3 models of iPhone 3G. Brea Mall only has the white 16GB model. I just called Santa Monica store (10:30am) and the sales told me the line is about 3-4 hours waiting.

July 26, 2008:
The Apple availability page shows most of the stores in the CA has iPhone 3G in stock for the weekend. Plus, all the stores will be opened @ 8am instead of 10am except Sunday. Apple also increases the headcount in the stores to assist the customers to get the iPhone 3G. Awesome!!!

Someone has figured out how to obtain the availability status every 15 minutes from an Apple's feed. You can come to here to check it. Again, always call the store before your commute to the store.

OK, finally, I am inline at the Brea mall today @ 7:45am (since the web site mentioned the store opens @ 8:00am). In real, the store is not opening @ 8:00am but there are Apple store orange t-shirts outside of the store and explaining the situation. They hand out a card that represents what model you are getting (it's pretty cool so you can leave early if the model of the iPhone you are getting is out of stock).

Then, there is the other orange t-shirt verify your AT&T account if you are existing customer. I ran into a problem about my AT&T account that the foundation account # is not matched with my phone number (I'm Pacbell Wireless customer since 1996 and I never change wireless carrier. May be that's why.) The orange t-shirt is very helpful and he called AT&T to resolve my issue. Once I got into the store (around 10:30am), the blue t-shirt helped me to pick the phone plan and activate the iPhone. I asked him a couple questions and he seems no clue at all:

1. I bought some applications for my old iPhone. Can they transfer to my new iPhone?
His answer: NO
Real answer: The actual answer is yes as long as your Mac ID matched the old phone. The applications are go by DRM bounds with your Mac ID instead of the Phone.

2. Will my old iPhone backup restored to the new iPhone?
His answer: All your phone number and songs will sync back to the phone via iTunes.
Real answer: It's not about the sync but restoring the backup. It seems he has no clue what I'm asking at all.

After asking these 2 questions, I feel like I'm buying gadgets in the Best Buy where the Best Buy dudes have no clue at all. What's going on, Apple?!?!? Where is the training?

Anyway, I'm restoring the backup and syncing the songs back to my new 16GB White iPhone.

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