Monday, July 14, 2008

iPhone 2.0

Everyone talks about iPhone. I finally talk about iPhone too. Yes, I have an iPhone and just upgraded to iPhone 2.0. No, I don't have iPhone 3G... yet. I will get one eventually, but not now, at least, not in the following 1-2 weeks.

Upgrade to iPhone 2.0 is pretty smooth for me. I did it twice. I did the first time on the night before the offical firmware released. People claimed the version I put on my old iPhone is mainly for iPhone 3G so I did the "upgrade" again on Friday night @ 8:00pm PST. Everything is fine except the re-activation part. Very lucky, I tried 2 times and I have my iPhone re-activated again.

Once I have iPhone 2.0 upgraded, I immediately downloaded tons of software from the app store (in iTunes or on the phone). It works great and I feel I have a Palm Pilot on my hand again except everything I need is almost built-in: Hand-writing Chinese input and Located based softwares. The only complain I have just MobileMe is pretty much handicap. I cannot have subscribe calendar in MobileMe (I have many other calendars in Google Calendar and I don't want to use 3rd party software like Spinning Sync).

I will keep experiementing new software on my "new" iPhone. Yes, I'm very excited and No, I'm not very pleased with the experience with MobileMe and my Macs.

P.S.: Thanks for everyone visiting my tutorial on installing chinese fonts into the BlackBerry. As I mentioned before, I have fully switched to iPhone (personal) and Windows Mobile (work). I'm really unable to help you on how to install the font files into the newly released Blackberries. I'm so sorry about that.

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