Monday, July 14, 2008

iPhone 2.0 Quick Tips

  1. By pushing the Home and Lock button at the same time. You can take a screenshot of the current screen. The saved image will be stored in the camera roll.
  2. The camera is now location based. The saved image can contain GPS coordination. Webapp like Flickr can take advantage of the location and display the image on a map.
  3. Calendar supports multiple calendars now.
  4. Address book supports quick search. You will greatly appreciate that if you have lots of contacts just like me. However, I find address book is a little bit slower on my upgraded iPhone 2.0. I am wondering if iPhone 3G may have a faster CPU. Anyway, I use Google Mobile App most of the time if I want to search something. It really works like QuickSilver on the iPhone.
  5. Calculator finally has scientific calculator in landscape mode. However, it doesn't have based conversion!!! I bought PCalc to replace the build-in one anyway.
  6. International input!!! Goto Preference | International | Keyboard and you can add international input to your phone. For example, Chinese handwriting!!! Now, finally, I can easily search YouTube or web in Chinese using this official app (without jailbreak my phone).

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