Thursday, July 24, 2008

Blackberry - No Additional Application Designed for Your Device were Found

I have received a lot of emails and comments related to my tutorial on installing Chinese font files on the T-Mobile Blackberry Pearl (8100). As I mentioned in the blog, the font files are mainly for 8100 and I really unable to help on the other different models because I dont' have all the Blackberry hardware to test.

The pattern is very inconsistent. Some of the newer models work but some of the newer models do not work. Some of the readers do post their experience in the comments and I think they are very helpful. Let me summarize them here in case you do not want to scroll through all the comments.

First of all, when you are downloading the 4 files from me, make sure there are 2 ALX files and 2 COD files. If you see ZIP or TXT extension, please rename them correctly.
  • rivviepop points out you can convert the ALX files into JAD files and install them.
  • Someone found a multi-lingual version of the Blackberry OS from here.
  • The other user hack the chinese font files from the Hong Kong version OS. He/She loads the CJK.alx along with my font files.

I also did some researches on the error message "no additional application designed for your device were found" on Google. It seems this error message does not really mean it cannot find the binary files. Highly possible you have an outdated version of Desktop Manager. You can find more detail explanation here.

Again, I really unable to help if you are unable to install the font files into the Blackberry other than 8100. If anyone has any luck on 8130, please post the method here. The 8130 users will be very appreciate.


hoshine said...

I have Pearl 8130 from Sprint and I got the Chinese fonts installed on my phone with Desktop Manager 4.5.0 B16. Hope this help.

wei said...

Hi, I just installed the simplified Chinese language pack on my T-mobile BB Pearl 8120, it works perfect!!! Thanks a million!
BTW: I'm using the latest Desktop Manager 4.7 downloaded from BB's website.

Anonymous said...

i just install on my 8830. took me 3 minute total after installing your chinesse package. work like a charm. thanks for saving my $30.00 dollar as some website ask for.

Emmanuel said...

Dear Icey Cake
thanks a LOT for your tip. I had been looking so long for a solution.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. You're a genius. I tried all the tricks I've read on Blackberry forums and none of them worked. I've been wanting to get Traditional Chinese support on my 8830 for a couple of years. It supports Simplified Chinese by default, but I couldn't get the Hong Kong language pack to work. Finally!