Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Other Photoshop Alternative

We all love Photoshop. The product name "Photoshop" even becomes a verb nowadays. "Did you photoshop your photo?" However, Photoshop is a very expensive product. That's why there are so many products try to do the same as Photoshop. Many years ago when I was still using Windows, I used Paint Shop Pro (now owned by Corel). Later, after I switched over to Linux, I use GIMP. Now, I'm using Mac and I finally pick Photoshop back as my primary photo editing software.

I came across a blogsite and found out this "gem". It's called Photo .NET. It's written by a Microsoft employee as freeware. Yeah, FREEware. The author claims it does pretty much what Photoshop can do. I don't have any Windows machine on hand to try this out. May be you can download and try it. Oh, please let us know how do you like it!!!

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