Thursday, May 17, 2007

Nintendo Wii

Finally, I decided to join the club of owning a Nintendo Wii. It is still a very hard to find item. Yes, there are tons on eBay and the bidding price is between US$290 to US$350 plus shipping. I cannot say I like to shop at eBay. Let's put in this way. Will you spend US$300 to buy something that may be used by somebody? Will you spend US$300 on something that it will be very trouble to return and exchange if you find out it has problem?

Although I found a several "big" merchant on eBay that sells Wii in a very "reasonable" price, I still feel it's a major ripped off. First of all, Nintendo Wii is only US$249.99 MSRP. Second, it comes with just ONE game that contains 5 mini-sport games inside there. 99.99% ebay merchants posted the Wii as "Nintendo Wii with FIVE games" and selling it for US$290+. I agree to pay the extra 50 bucks premium for this rare item, but please do not trick the buyer by saying it comes with FIVE games!!!

After searching for the Wii for weeks, finally there are signs the stocks are coming in for the normal big merchants. Walmart has the customizable bundle for what? US$649.99? Isn't it a typo or not? Because of the high price, this bundle last for more than a week and still in stock. I check again today and it drops to US$448.92. However, I don't like bundles. Why forcing me to buy 3 games with the console together?

Circuity City has the Wii bundle in stock for US$409.96 when I checked it this morning. It comes with 2 games and it became out of stock when I checked again for the URL so I can post in this blog.

Finally, I found Toys "R" Us has the Wii in stock as well. I bought the Nintendo DS Light from Toys "R" Us when it was a rare item as well. Toys "R" Us has the best price I have ever seen. The Nintendo Wii is selling for US$249.99. Yes, it is US$249.99 plus sales tax and shipping. I ordered it immediately and it is closed to US$290 after adding the sales tax and shipping. However, it is still cheaper than buying from eBay and I feel safe to buy something from a big merchant.

By the way, if you are still searching for the Wii, you can try to visit's Buy Wii page. For some reason, I woke up very early today (at 5:00am) so I get the the Wii for the "reasonable" price. I really have no idea when the Toys "R" US US$249.99 deal sold out.

(Update: I checked Toys "R" Us web site again after I ordered it (about 30 minutes after). The Wii is out of stock again. Woo!!!)

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