Friday, May 11, 2007

Motorola is Releasing an iPhone Killer?

According to TechCrunch, Motorola is going to release an Apple iPhone killer in Europe very soon. The new phone will be focus on media. It contains a 30 frames/s video player, supports SD for movies, and 3G. Motorola CEO Ed Zander claims the new phone will directly compete with Apple's iPhone.

“I think it’s [the iPohne is] going to, in some cases, reinforce what we have been trying to do and are doing with the mobile internet. Applications such as multimedia and video and photos and music are going to be done on these devices”

Oh, come on, Motorola. Please fix all the software bugs in your V3 or later first. Plus, the first priority is solving the stupid address book and user interface issues. No way you can beat Apple's user interface design. By the way, please at least using a Linux based OS for the new phone instead of Microsoft Windows Mobile Edition crap.

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Herman said...

judging from history, the motorola version will feature buttons that change features throughout different levels of the menu, and menus that acts more like a maze than anything. chances are, you won't be able to find the feature you want no matter what you do, and you'll be more lost if you have more common sense than the majority. The best part of it, will be leaving out key features that you would automatically assume it has, and it will come in 50 different colors... yay!