Thursday, May 03, 2007

iSerial Reader for Macintosh

The old version of iSerial Reader (version 1.2.4) has been expired. The good news is iSerial Reader 2.0 has been released along with the 05/2007 Serial Box. You can download it from serialz's web site.

I'm not going to provide the link to the download location. I think you should be smart enough to get the URL from this article. ;)

BTW, for those who doesn't know what iSerial Reader and Serial Box is, according to Serialz,

"iSerialReader is the tool for reading the SerialBox and now works in OS X, OS 9 and Windows. It is a small application that contains serial numbers for most popular Mac applications. It is updated monthly and can be downloaded here."

Again, who said Mac doesn't have software? ;)


素顏天使™ said...

hey hey, where's the link? :p

Icey Cake (冰餅) said...

素顏天使™: Just look at the photo in the article. ;)

素顏天使™ said...

oh yes! got it!!! 呵呵呵呵呵~