Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Google Reader for Wii

I'm sure Google's 25% policy is an excellent idea. It allows its engineers to create lots of awesome and wonderful products. During my visit in Google campus last year, I heard Google Calendar was a 25% Google project and later promote into real product.

Check this out. Google Reader for Wii. It's not a joke. Wii comes with a Opera based browser and Google Reader utilizes all the Wii buttons as short cuts. Again, it proofs the Wii Opera browser is a truly Internet browser.

Browsing Mode
* up/down: scroll up/down
* right/left: next/previous item
* 1 button: show subscriptions
* 2 button: show links

Subscription Mode
* up/down: previous/next subscription
* right: select current subscription
* left: close
* -/+: collapse/expand folder

Now, turn on your TV and Wii and goto Google Reader for Wii.

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