Wednesday, May 09, 2007

AAPL vs MSFT (Part 2)

The US stock market is doing real good (especially the technology section). Everyday is up, up, up, and up. Check the following charts out:

US$106/share vs US$30/share. Do you think Vista win? or Windows mobile win? By the way, really don't know what GOOG is doing. They are making big money but the stock price is dropping everyday.


Herman said...

that's because the capital that used to be invested in Real Estate in the previous years are flowing to the stock market. Expect the stocks to go up and Real Estate to keep going dooooooooooooown. :)

Icey Cake (冰餅) said...

Well, no matter how real estate goes down, it won't go back the same level as 5 years ago. When the web 2.0 bubble bursts again, the same cycle will happen again.