Saturday, April 21, 2007

Where is my New TV!?!?

My last post mentioned I just bought a new LCD HDTV from Fry's. The shipping carrier is USPS via DHL.

4 years ago I bought a TV stand from a very big online merchant in the east coast. The item is very heavy (over 100 lbs) so the merchant uses USPS via DHL to save shipping cost. 1 day before the delivery day, a non-DHL shipping company called me and told me they were contracted by DHL to deliver my TV stand. I have scheduled a time with them and I took a dayoff to wait at home for the package's arrival.

I waited at home for a whole day on the delivery day. Nothing arrived. I called the non-DHL shipping company about the shipment and they said they DO NOT have the package in their computer system (WTF!?!?!). I called DHL and they told me the shipment is handle by 3rd party delivery and I should call them instead (2nd WTF. USPS via DHL via 3rd Party!?!?!?!)

After more than 10 phone calls between the online merchant, DHL, and the 3rd Party shipping company, I have no choice but claim lost via shipping insurance. I get the full refund including shipping. However, I wasted a day at home and so many troubles on the phone.

Unfortunately, DHL is handling my expensive TV set again.

Based on DHL's tracking system, my TV should arrive yesterday (04/20/2007). It is signature required so I have someone waited at home for a whole day for that. While at work, I kept using DHL's tracking system to track my TV. Since DHL picked up the TV from Fry's, the tracking system just shows "Processed at DHL Location @ Wilmington, OH". And again, by the end of the day, no TV came.

I called DHL at night and I was welcome by an "automatic" (voice recognition) system to "assist" me. I just hate this kind of "automatic" system because I never have luck with voice recognition. After fighting the system for awhile, I got the answer "Your package is still in our facility".

I decided to talk with a real human being and immediately I was welcome by a very friendly human voice. Once she asked my name and my tracking number, she apologized immediately (awesome!). She even helped me contacting the final shipping center to put my shipment into 1st priority. She told me my TV will arrive my home today.

So I am waiting at home today...

I tracked the package again when I woke up this morning. It still says "Processed at DHL Location @ Wilmington, OH". It seems my TV is still on the truck somewhere in the country. I called DHL again and being welcomed by a friendly voice and apologize. She told me my TV will arrive on Monday.

Hmmm.... I have enough now....

(Update: My TV arrived Riverside County @ 7:00am on Monday and finally arrived in front my door @ 10:00am. I got a phone call from DHL to apologize about the delay and they delivery to me right away instead of the end of the day. I feel happy about their service this time except the delay part.)

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