Thursday, November 02, 2006

Review: Newsgator Go!

Luckily, I'm one of the selected users to test out the alpha version of Newsgator Go! J2ME version. I just downloaded the software, punched in my NetNewsWire username & password, and started using the new mobile reader for a couple minutes.

My first impression is, "Oh wow! It looks the same as FreeNews!!!". What's going on with Newsgator? May be they bought out FreeNews just like what they did with NetNewsWire?

Anyway, I'm happy with this J2ME version of Newsgator mobile reader. I had tons of problems when I tried to use the Windows Mobile 5 of Newsgator mobile reader with my Cingular 8125 (HTC Wizard). I have emailed them and complained about the bugs. Newsgator is very friendly and provided me with all the help but still no luck with my Cingular 8125. Later, they offer me this alpha version of mobile RSS reader.

Now, I'm happy and no need to rely on the mobile Newsgator site.


Icey Cake (冰餅) said...

Update: I have talked with Newsgator Go! J2ME edition developer. Newsgator is really working with the FreeNews guys to create this J2ME application.

Jon said...

Hi -

Thanks for the kind words on FreeNews! You mentioned that you were looking at Windows mobile products. Currently, we are beta testing our product for Windows mobile, code-named Siteline. You can read more and try it at:

FreeNews Windows Mobile Beta

This version includes images, linking within full story, background updating, and lots of other new features that aren't currently in FreeNews on J2ME.


Jon M.
FreeRange Communications