Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Apple's .Mac vs Google Services

Apple's .Mac service bundles with 1GB online storage. The storage space serves for .Mac email, personal webspace (traditional personal web or iWeb), photo albumn (iPhoto or photocasting), online groups, calendar, and address book. However, does it really worth US$99/yr (although someone told me you can get a better deal by buying the boxset from ?

Matthew Russell discussed how to migrate .Mac to Google services in blog today. It's very tempting to migrate everything to Google Services from .Mac. GMail is 100 times better than .Mac email (although .Mac just migrated to AJAX based client) and more storage. Google Calendar is very friendly and very easy to share with other people. Google Groups can replace .Mac Groups. I have my own webserver space so I don't need to use Apple's web solution (although iWeb and iPhoto integrate great with .Mac). Google Sync for Firefox works great and it crosses platform as long as I'm using Firefox on my Mac, Windows, and Linux boxes.

The only problem Address Book. I'm a heavy OS X Address Book user. My IM and mobile phone all rely on the OS build-in Address Book. The Google contact list is not the best choice for me. However, why I have to pay US$99/yr for the address book feature?

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hey Andy

u may want to check this out

ScheduleWorld - they claim they can sync with anything.