Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Palm CEO's Comments with Apple's Rumor iPhone

According to several sites, Palm CEO has made a comment on Apple's rumor iPhone.

"We've learned and struggled for a few years here figuring out how to make a decent phone,'' he said. "PC guys are not going to just figure this out. They're not going to just walk in.''

Remember a couple years ago how Dell's CEO Michael Dell commented on Apple's stock? Remember how Atari commented on Sony's Playstation? When a company isn't doing well by comparing to the competitor, the company's CEO will start talk shit.

Don't get me wrong. I am a long time Palm fans (until Tungsten|T2). However, the current PalmOS 5 is really outdated and Palm starts shifting to Windows Mobile platform. The Treo is a great product... 3 years ago. They have to move on. Where is the rumor PalmOS 6? Where is the mobile BeOS? Where is the new Linux based PalmOS?

Come on. Do something and stop talking shit like that. Let's see what will happen to Palm after Apple really releases it's iPhone or mobile iChat.

BTW, Apple's stock reaches 52-week high today!!! It's US$90.31/share now!!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What Kind of Friend am I?

Yeah, I know I can be good friend for everyone. hahaha....

You Are A Good Friend

You're always willing to listen
Or lend a shoulder to cry on
You're there through thick and thin
Many people consider you their "best friend"!

Am I a Perfectionist?

You Are 68% Perfectionist

You are a true perfectionist. You are both demanding of yourself and others.
While it's great to have goals and standards, they don't need to be sky high!

Monday, November 20, 2006

OK, I know I'm stressed

Your Stress Level is: 67%

You are prone to stress, and you're probably even pretty stressed right now.
Life's problems seem to pile up on you, and this often makes you feel depressed and burned out.
Learn to take time to relax and enjoy life, even if things are stressful. It's the only wa you'll get through the bad times.

Am I a Slacker?

You Are 48% Slacker

You are a bit of a slacker - though you can pull it together and live a somewhat normal life.
If you're young, this is probably phase you'll outgrow. And if you're already grown up, you need to get off the couch a bit more!

How Weird am I?

Thanks for Sù Yán Tiān Shǐ's tips. I know I'm weird sometimes...

You Are 60% Weird

You're so weird, you think you're *totally* normal. Right?
But you wig out even the biggest of circus freaks!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Microsoft Zune Sucks

I admit myself is somewhat anti-Microsoft. The only Microsoft products I'm using are Microsoft Office and the game console. Anyway, Microsoft is going to release it's "iPod Killer" tomorrow. Click here to see how Zune sucks (typical Microsoft product - don't buy it until version 2).

By the way, the Zune installation process reminds me how suck the Windows CE Pocket PC Windows Mobile/Windows Smartphone is.

iPod + Airline = ?

First, iPod integrated with automobiles. Now, iPod starts integrating with airlines. Today, Apple announced iPod integration with major airlines (Air France, Continental, Delta, Emirates, KLM, and United). The airlines will provide in-flight iPod charging and video playback from the iPod. Official link is here.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

What beats the 445hp Porsche GT3?

You think the Austin Martin in the video beats the GT3? You are wrong!!! Check the video out until the end!!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Disneyland Backstage

I think Disney top management probably don't want to see this video. This video may be happened in the Paris Disneyland backstage according to the video origin comment. I have no way to confirm the source so justify that by yourself. Click here for the video.

Everybody DIES!!!

This is not a hate post or article. I don't hate anybody and my life is alright. I love my job and I love my life. So I'm not going to complain about my life or going to hate and shoot anybody.

I'm talking about a PC video game called DEFCON. Have you watched the movie WarGames (1983)? Do you remember the super computer "NORAD"? Do you remember the little "game" called "W.O.P.R."? DEFCON is trying to capture the idea of the movie WarGames.

The game is about global thermonuclear war. Once the war starts, it will be unable to stop and nobody will win. Their website's URL already said that, "Everyone Dies!!!"

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Tutorial: Convert Flash Video to Quick Time (using Mac OS X)

There are tons of tools in the Internet for Windows platform to capture Flash Video (i.e. YouTube) and convert into AVI, WMV, or iPod format (QuickTime). However, there are not much choices for Mac OS X. How come? It's because the procedure is very simply so you don't need that many tools to help you out.

First, I assume you have QuickTime Pro. QuickTime Pro allows you to save any stream video into a file. QuickTime Pro is not free but I'm sure you can find other free solution very easy by using Google. So I'm not going deep into this issue.

Second, you need a plug-in to play Flash Video within QuickTime. I use an open source plug-in called Perian. I have mentioned this plug-in a couple days ago. You can get a copy of the binary from my iDisk public folder.

Third, you need to download the Flash Video from the web site. Again, tons of tutorials on the net to teach you how to figure out the URL from the HTML source code. I admit I'm lazy so I use tools to help me on that (that's what the tools are for, right?). I use Video Downloader 2.0 for Firefox. If you are not using Firefox (i.e. Safari), you can use (it only works with so it does not as powerful as Video Downloader 2.0)

Now, use Video Downloader 2.0 or to download the Flash Video (.flv) file to your hard drive. Then open the Flash Video file using QuickTime Pro. Use QuickTime Pro's Save as... to save the file into QuickTime (.mov) format. Done. Simple, right?

Monday, November 06, 2006

Lee Jung Hyun (李貞賢) - Fantastic Girl

After 2 years, Lee Jung Hyun finally releases her latest album "Fantastic Girl". Her techno music and songs are still the best. Sadly, this album does not include any music video as what she did for the past 2 albumns.

Searching for awhile, you should be able to find somebody posted her latest MV. Click below for the song "철수야 사랑해".

Smartphone First Time Buyer's Guide

Are you still using your very old mobile phone that cannot do anything except making phone calls? Do you want to buy a smartphone but don't know which one to get? Are you confused by the smartphone operating system/platform? Do "Windows Mobile", "Windows Smartphone", "Symbian", "Blackberry", "Palm OS" sound alien words to you?

Don't worry. posted the first time smartphone buyer's guide today. It contains detail explanation about different platforms and functionalities.

Of course, does the price comparison for you too.

Flash Video Plug-In for QuickTime Player (Mac only)

I have founded a plug-in to play Flash Video (.flv) using QuickTime player. I have uploaded it to my iDisk public folder. Feel free to download and distribute it since it's free. If you have purchased QuickTime Pro, you can use the plug-in to play Flash Video and use the Save As... feature to convert FLV file into MOV file.

Of course, don't forget to install the Video Downloader plug-in for FireFox to download a web site's Flash Video file(s).

Mobile Phone Ringtones (手機鈴聲)

I have uploaded some very cool Chinese (Hong Kong) ring tones (MP3 format) to my iDisk public folder. Free feel to browse and download them.

我 upload 了一些很有趣的電話鈴聲到我的 iDisk 那裡去, 歡迎下戴使用。

Holiday Shopping

X'mas is coming and the shopping season starts. If you have trouble to find gifts for your love ones, come to to take a look. I'm sure you can find the lowest price of the items you want.

About Smoking...

Just read and commented Sù Yán Tiān Shǐ's blog (in Chinese), smokers really become minority. Hong Kong has a greater conflict due to the packed living environment.

It is a very interesting article to read especially if you are a smoker as well.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Project Ultraman 2006 (Thailand Edition)

This is the Thailand 2006 version of Ultraman. Brand new story and brand new characters. The main cast is Hong Kong star Ekin Cheng (鄭伊健). Click here for the trailer.

How to Claim the Armrest?

Wired Magazine has posted a "great" article to teach you how to claim the armrest back during a flight. Kind of impolite but worth a try.

Friday, November 03, 2006


This is the ultimate way to have extremely fresh sushi in Japan. Click here to view the video since the author did not share the embedded video link. (Note, please watch the video to the end and pay attention to the fish in the tank).

Corevette Z06

The 2007 Corevette Z06 has so much torque (7000 c.c. engine) and it can be started from 0-175mph by using the 5th gear.

Smart + Phone

Have you ever owned or used a smart phone? Do you have good experience with the smart phone? Or you just hate it or want to switch back to your old Nokia 6190?

It seems John Biggs has very bad experience with his smart phone. He wrote the 10 reasons why he hates smartphone.

I agree with him. Windows Mobile 5 should be buried. However, please try Blackberry 8100 (Pearl). It is a real SMART PHONE should work like.

Future Blackberry!?!?!

Blackberry has filed with the US patent office with a new design. Could this be the next version of Blackberry?

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Review: Newsgator Go!

Luckily, I'm one of the selected users to test out the alpha version of Newsgator Go! J2ME version. I just downloaded the software, punched in my NetNewsWire username & password, and started using the new mobile reader for a couple minutes.

My first impression is, "Oh wow! It looks the same as FreeNews!!!". What's going on with Newsgator? May be they bought out FreeNews just like what they did with NetNewsWire?

Anyway, I'm happy with this J2ME version of Newsgator mobile reader. I had tons of problems when I tried to use the Windows Mobile 5 of Newsgator mobile reader with my Cingular 8125 (HTC Wizard). I have emailed them and complained about the bugs. Newsgator is very friendly and provided me with all the help but still no luck with my Cingular 8125. Later, they offer me this alpha version of mobile RSS reader.

Now, I'm happy and no need to rely on the mobile Newsgator site.

Final Fantasy XII

The U.S. version of Final Fantasy XII just released 2 days ago. Yesterday, I grabbed a copy from Best Buy and played with it for 6 hours. In my opinion, it's the best Final Fantasy I ever play for the series. Although some professional review mentions how suck the game is, I don't care. It's Final Fantasy and made by Square.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Apple's .Mac vs Google Services

Apple's .Mac service bundles with 1GB online storage. The storage space serves for .Mac email, personal webspace (traditional personal web or iWeb), photo albumn (iPhoto or photocasting), online groups, calendar, and address book. However, does it really worth US$99/yr (although someone told me you can get a better deal by buying the boxset from ?

Matthew Russell discussed how to migrate .Mac to Google services in blog today. It's very tempting to migrate everything to Google Services from .Mac. GMail is 100 times better than .Mac email (although .Mac just migrated to AJAX based client) and more storage. Google Calendar is very friendly and very easy to share with other people. Google Groups can replace .Mac Groups. I have my own webserver space so I don't need to use Apple's web solution (although iWeb and iPhoto integrate great with .Mac). Google Sync for Firefox works great and it crosses platform as long as I'm using Firefox on my Mac, Windows, and Linux boxes.

The only problem Address Book. I'm a heavy OS X Address Book user. My IM and mobile phone all rely on the OS build-in Address Book. The Google contact list is not the best choice for me. However, why I have to pay US$99/yr for the address book feature?