Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Porsche 911 Turbo vs Porsche 911

This episode of Top Gear contains the traditional British humor (please watch the joke at the end of the show).


I have found out this very old OP of a 70's Japanese FX TV series. I have no idea what is the English name of it. I had the action figures of the 2 main characters when I was a kid.

Review: Holub on Patterns

I just finished Allen Holub's Holub on Patterns - Learning Design Patterns by Looking at Code. I highly recommend this book to all the software architects and senior software engineers.

This book is very condensed. It only has 4 chapters and 1 appendix. However, don't be fooled by the number of chapters. Holub is able to going thru all the GoF patterns just by using two software examples. The appendix is very helpful too. It summaries all the GoF patterns. It can be used as quick reference when working on software design.

You can order the book from Holub's website. If you want to buy the book from the other online bookstore, the ISBN is 1-59059-388-X.

BTW, you have to know about Java programming plus UML in order to understand this book.

Google Blogger Beta

I have upgraded my blog to Google's new blogger beta. I don't notice too much changes so far but hopefully it fixes all those long time ignoring bugs.

Google has acquired JotSpot

In the beginning of the year, there is rumor about Yahoo! is going to acquire JotSpot. Now, Google wins again and bought out JotSpot.

Cingular version of Blackberry 8100

Oh my god. The Cingular version of Blackberry 8100 is so ugly!!! I'm glad I bought the T-Mobile version of 8100.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Viewing Chinese with T-Mobile's RIM BlackBerry 8100

The current T-Mobile BlackBerry 8100 (Pearl) can only view English. The Chinese version has not been released yet so there is no Chinese ROM update for it. It's very inconvienent for me since I receive a lot of Chinese email everyday. Plus, I read lots of Chinese blogs as well.

After search the web for awhile, I have found out a way to install Simplified Chinese into the 8100. However, I really want to view Traditional Chinese as well. Finally, I have found the solution.

Goto my download section and download the gzip file.  Unzip the file and you will have 4 files.  Using the BlackBerry Application Loader in Windows to load in the two ALX files. After installed these files, the 8100 should be reboot by itself. It will take about 3-5 minutes. Once it comes back again, try to send yourself some Chinese emails and you should be able to see them all without problem.

(Update: Many readers had sent me email and complained they cannot find the files in my iDisk. I have tried and found out Firefox 2.0 has problem with Apple's DotMac. Please use older version of Firefox (1.5), IE5/6/7, or Safari to my iDisk.)

(07/26/2007 Update: Someone had successfully installed the files into his/her AT&T Curve - Blackberry 8800. I only have the 8100 so I NEVER try to do this and confirm if it works or not on any other model of Blackberry phones. So please perform the hack on your own risk.)

(11/29/2007 Update: Someone commented only 1 file can be downloaded but not all 4 of them. I just tried today and I can get all the 4 files. Try to use a different browser because Apple's .Mac sometimes behave very strange.)

(07/14/2008 Update: Thanks for everyone comes to try to use my method to install Chinese fonts into your Blackberries. Unfortunately, I have fully switched to iPhone (for personal) and Windows Mobile (for work). As a result, I really don't have any way to have a Blackberry to troubleshoot your problems. Very sorry about that.)

(07/24/2008 Update: I try to summaries of what the other readers experience on installing the font files into their Blackberry here. Hope it helps.)

(09/10/2008 Update: According to a reader, he has no problem to install Chinese using my method with his 8130. For details, please check here.)

(02/08/2009 Update: I have copied this tutorial to my new blog site.)