Friday, May 19, 2006

Cingular 8125 (HTC Wizard)

Finally, I bought a Cingular 8125 as my next PDA phone. My previous Nokia 6680's memory card is seriously corrupted. I will ship the 6680 to update new firmware next week. See if the problem can be fixed or not. The 6680 is such a good phone, so I don't really want to put it into my gadgets junkyard that soon.

My first PDA is US Robotics Palm 500 almost 10 years ago. So I consider myself as a power PDA user. I previously owned 2 Windows CE based PDA: Philips Velo 500 and Toshiba e500. However, the experience was not very good so I always avoid use any Windows CE based PDA. I really like the new Nokia E61 (Symbrian 9.1 v3), but it doesn't come with any camera (a VGA quality camera is fine with me!!!)

The first software I have installed is the unlock software. You can find the instruction at this link. After following the procedure, I plugged in a Hong Kong wireless carrier "3" sim card and wala... it just works. Next, I installed CE-Star so my North America version of HTC Wizard can view/input Traditional/Simplified Chinese. After that, I plugged my phone to the charger and went to sleep.

Today morning, I unplugged the 8125 from the charger. Setup some (Gmail, .Mac, and 2 IMAP4 accounts for work) email accounts (Finally I decided not to use Cingular's XpressMail Personal edition. I still cannot find out the advantage using Push Email over IMAP4). Basically, my 8125 was on either 802.11b network or GPRS/EDGE for nearly 7 hours. I have turned on the bluetooth for about 30 minutes to transfer some ringtones and setup bluetooth modem with my Powerbook. The battery still has about 70% left. Impressive!!!

I will keep use this phone during the weekend and post more personal experience of this phone. Also, of course, any tips and tricks I have ever found.

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