Thursday, April 27, 2006

Review: Think Free

ThinkFree Online Office ( provides 1GB free web storage space to store the ThinkFree documents. The free online service provides applica tions that are 100% compatiable with Microsoft Office. The user has choice to save the documents locally or online (within the 1GB free web storage).

I have played with the 3 applications (Write, Calc, and Show) for a short while. The first impression is the applications look and behave very similar to Microsoft Office (Anyone know if Microsoft Office UI has been patented or not?). The big plus of the ThinkFree is you can save the documents as PDF format without having Adobe Acrobat installed.

ThinkFree Online Office is written in Java. The applications are runnin g off as Java applet, which means you have to have JRE installed on your machine (They do have a thick client version which is also written in Java). I have tried it on Linux, Windows XP, and Mac OS X and they work just fine.

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